Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ansoo Lake

There are many beautiful lakes in pakistan one of them is Ansoo Lake is a high-altitude lake (elevation 16,490 feet or 5027 metres) in the Kaghan Valley near Malika-e-Parbat (Queen of Mountains) in the Himalayan range.It can be reached by a difficult trek from Saiful Mulook Lake . The name comes from its drop-like shape (the Urdu word Ansoo means tear). The lake is said to have been discovered in 1993 by Pakistan Air Force pilots who were flying low above the area. Earlier, the lake was not even known to the locals.

Ansoo Lake

Ansoo Lake
Ansoo Lake


Lakshmi said...

a very beautiful picture too..absolutely serene..thanks for dropping in at backpacker

lcfu said...

wow... i would like to pay pakistan a visit one day!!so beautiful ya the lake

Joanna "Serowa Marzycielka" said...


unbelievable – yesterday my friend and I spoke about what we want to do when we finally become wealthy ;) We agreed that we should travel a lot and a nice idea would be to spend a month or more in every country. That means visiting 12 different countries a year ;) Lucky, that there are so many countries in the world!

Pakistan seems to be a beautiful place. I hope you’ll keep on writing this blog! Could you just tell me if The Ansoo Lake is situated in a national park or similar? Is it legal and allowed to sleep in a tent there?

I’m not wealthy now, however I’ve been intensively working on it ;)

astrogalaxy said...

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Pakistan is really very beautiful!

atti said...
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sam said...

3 day b4 i tried to went at ansu lake.. bt coz of.. time shortag and.. wether condition ... snow falling.. me.. na my frnds haivng strength of 22 have to cum bak... at saifull mulk.. jheel.

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awais said...

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